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The Only Integrated Cutlery-Care System on the market

Dries, Polishes & Sanitizes – Seamlessly, from Washer to Polisher

AIr0POL® The Revolutionary Air-Operated Cutlery Polisher An Innovative Solution to the labour-intensive task of Polishing Cutlery

Eliminating Problems, inherent in all other polishers on the market:

· Hand-Feeding of cutlery by staff

· High-Pitched Loud Noise of Rattling Cutlery

· Risk of Damage to Cutlery

· The Only Cutlery Polisher Manufactured in Ireland

· The Only Non-Vibration Cutlery Polisher on the Market

Some of the Many Benefits :

· Washing & Polishing of Cutlery now a Seamless Operation

· Simple Operation – Tray of washed cutlery placed directly from dishwasher into polisher by wash-up operator, who is now responsible for complete Cutlery Cleaning Operation

· Huge Labour Savings – Cutlery Polishing Staff no longer required, or can now be deployed to more productive tasks

· Preheats Granulate in 10 minutes – Reduces Energy

· Polishing Cycle takes only 3 minutes – No Waiting

· Switches Off Automatically after each cycle– Huge Energy Savings

· Enables Continuous Polishing & Eliminates Cutlery Logjams

· Breakdowns almost eliminated – has just one moving part, a fan

· Granulate Changed only 4 times a year

· Revives the shine on your older cutlery & maintains the shine on your new cutlery

· Leaves cutlery free from Bacteria


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