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Eco Table Heaters from CaterSave Technologies

Outdoor Eco Table Heaters


Transforms an Outdoor Space into a comfortably Warm Dining Experience for Customers

* Eco-Friendly : It has a Huge Heat-Transfer Efficiency of 92%!

Our Innovative Heaters heats Customers…… Not the Air!

* Soothing Heat permeates from legs up throughout your body

Energy Saving Example: Unit-Cost of Electricity = €0.30/Kwh

Wall Heaters: 2.2Kw = €0.66 per Kwh / 4Kw = €1.20 per Kwh

> CaterSave Heaters: 400w = Only 12c per Kwh <

* Up to 90% Saving on CO2 Emissions v Gas Heaters

* International Safety Certification – EU, USA, Can, Au/NZ, etc.

* Patented `Safe To Touch` – No risk of burns to children or pets

* Your own Table-Tops can be easily fitted onto the bracket of heater

Cost? Sale of 2 coffees per table/ day = ROI in less than a Month

* Warm RED Glow increases sales from passing footfall

· Importantly, with the on-going Increases in the Cost of Energy….

Savings on Electricity & Gas is a Priority for Businesses

Huge Savings can now be made in Outdoor Heating Bills