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The popularity of padel as a participation sport is soaring worldwide, with Hotels & Leisure Centres increasingly embracing the trend by offering their guests and local communities the opportunity to book a court. The convenience of online booking, facilitated by technological advancements, has streamlined the process, making it entirely unstaffed.

Padel, a dynamic racket-based ball sport combining elements of squash and tennis, has become a sought-after recreational activity. At PCI, we have the expertise and capability to oversee every aspect of a padel court project, including planning, design, groundwork, and installation. *Notably, we are the sole Irish padel court supplier accredited by the Irish Padel Federation (FIP)

Offering padel facilities can set your Hotel apart from its competitors and contribute to a unique selling point. Guests increasingly seek immersive experiences, and having an on-site padel court can attract sports enthusiasts and travelers looking for distinctive recreational offerings. Moreover, the sport’s adaptability to various age groups and fitness level makes it one of the few sports families can all play together

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