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    Hospitality Expo will be Ireland’s largest and most comprehensive trade show for the Irish Hospitality Industry in 2020 catering to restaurants, hotels, pubs and quick service outlets as well as the event and catering sectors.

    The theme of the 2020 Summit is Organisational Collaboration “The Key to Future Proofing the Irish Hospitality Sector”.

    Whether this is by adopting new Technology or renewing premises through Design and Fit Out, adopting new ways of connecting with customers through Online Marketing or by Training and Retaining top talent, we are showcasing and discussing new and innovative ideas to hospitality business owners who are looking to invest in their businesses to attract the next generation of customers.

    Agenda to be announced topics to include

    Food and Beverage trends
    Do you know how to meet this year’s F&B trends and take your hospitality business to the next level? The food and beverage (F&B) industry has experienced significant change in recent years. In an effort to meet consumers’ demands, dishes have been transformed into healthier or more decadent versions of their former selves, beverages have been upscaled and infused to excite the palate and presentation is ever as important as taste. After all, you eat first with your eyes, then with your mouth, don’t you? Leading Dietitians and food production companies will be on hand to demonstrate simple ways of transforming your menus to accommodate for the 2020 customer pallet.

    Staff Recruitment and Retention
    In 2017, 10.65 million visitors came to Ireland, contributing €5.78 billion to the economy and helping to sustain over 225,000 jobs. And while Brexit and the implementation of GDPR are concerns for the hotel industry in Ireland, it is the area of staffing which is proving to be its most significant challenge. With tourism visitors projected to grow to 13.7 million by 2025, an extra 80,000 extra workers will be needed and this comes at a time when staff retention in the sector is already a significant issue. During this session experts from the recruitment sector will impart their knowledge on how to recruit the right staff and also how to develop career paths to retain them

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