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About Money Point
Money Point is a Dublin-based company providing cash handling equipment, solutions and services for a vast range of businesses and organisations across multiple sectors.

The Money Point concept is to provide and install solutions that are easy to operate, keeping technical requirements to a minimum and productivity to a maximum.

Our goal is to increase our customers’ business productivity and security and hence profitability, by helping them to realise the maximum benefit from their personnel and our cash management equipment and processes.

We offer expert consultancy and advice coupled with quality equipment and solutions. Our solutions are backed up by professional project management and ongoing support and maintenance. We are dedicated to our customers and committed to fostering long-term relationships with them.

Our specialist areas are:
Cash Handling Machines – We are the largest supplier of cash management equipment in Ireland. We have over 3,500 users across Ireland and the UK and we supply all the major banks and retailers with a range of products.Cash Management Software – We have developed our own software, Cashmanâ„¢, which integrates into any brand of cash handling machine. Our software is in use in all Bank Cash Centres in the Republic of Ireland and many major retailers.Consultancy – We have undertaken many different consulting projects for our clients including site audits, operations reviews, systems analysis & advisory work.
We serve many industry sectors including Financial Institutions, Grocery Retail, General Retail, Food & Hospitality, Leisure, Public Sector, Community Organisations, Transport Facilities and more.

All training and equipment installations are carried out by our own staff, on the customer’s premises, as is our maintenance and after sales support.

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