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We are Mortar & More. We are committed to creating spaces with clients and communities which aim to spark conversation, encourage evolution and foster wellbeing.

We believe the success of a design is realised once a space is being interacted with by the intended users, we aim to connect people with their surrounding environment.

We always work closely with clients and brands to understand who their end user is, be it in hospitality, retail, commercial or wellness.

As a studio we are always learning and collaborating. Working alongside industry leading consultants, our aim is to deliver sustainable solutions to our clients where possible.

The implementation of effective decarbonisation design measures for both new and existing environments are integral to the longevity of the spaces we design and help to minimize their carbon footprint.

Our clients are located around the globe and range in scale from single schemes to global design concepts, including projects for the Metaverse.

Making More Possible
We believe that the most successful projects are born through collaboration, between clients, consultants and contractors.



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