• Technology Summit

    Advances in technology and online connectivity are having a profound effect on the Hospitality sector worldwide.

    Portals like Trivago, Trip Advisor, Open Table and Bookings.com are critical to success in generating business while direct booking is emerging as the preferred option for many operators.

    Other technologies such as next generation Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, mobile controlled in-room facilities and tools like wireless ordering systems, cost control and management systems have become fundamental business requirements.

    The Technology Summit at Hospitality Expo 2020 will provide suppliers of these enabling technologies with an opportunity to meet and do business with thousands of proprietors for the rapidly expanding number of Irish Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and the broader hospitality sector.


    Technology Summit Stage Agenda 

    Tuesday 25th February

    Session 1:   11pm – 1pm


    Hospitality Connectivity

    Some of the technological trends in the hospitality sector are leading to huge productivity gains and cost savings, whilst others are even changing how hotel developers plan their buildings, infrastructure, management structure and staffing requirements. Hear for instance how by investing in better, faster Wi-Fi infrastructure your customers can do more for themselves through greater connectivity within your premises. 



    • 11am – The importance of connectivity to the growth of the Hospitality sector.

    Noel O’Reilly, IT Infrastructure Project Lead, Virgin Media


    • 11.25am – Protecting your business in a connected world.

    Warren Dixon, Systems Engineer, Juniper Networks 


    • 12pm – New self-service kiosk product with customer and staffing benefits                               Conor McCarthy, Founder, Flipdish 


    12.30pm – Panel Discussion

    This discussion provides a rare opportunity to discuss the challenges with connectivity in Ireland with the companies developing and installing the latest infrastructure. The discussion will be led by Noel O’Reilly who will open the debate to the floor for a Q & A session.



    Session 2:   2pm – 3.30pm


    The impact of technology on the guest experience

    What does the future look like using the latest technology and will it improve guest enjoyment and user experience? Guest satisfaction has a major impact on the success of your business. Tips from our leading experts will help your venue improve the guest experience and use guest feedback and data to guide future decisions at your property. As any operator knows, you are only as good as your guests think you are. … 



    • 2pm – The connected guest experience

    David Milligan, Hospitality Manager, Virgin Media


    • 2.30pm – Unified commerce in hospitality – Utilising technology to provide guests outstanding experiences that will keep them as satisfied, returning customers

    Damien O Driscoll – CEO, Positive Solutions LTD & Director, Accountancy Software 


    • 3pmInternational Case Study: The Future is here!

    Wim Van De Putte, Director, Facial Recognition Biometric Security 


    15.30 – Panel Discussion

    Chaired by Karen Foster, Managing Director, GuestTalk


    Our panelists will debate how technology is changing the user experience across Europe. They will ask the question of whether it is improving the guest experience or is the sacrifice of personal privacy and the storage of personal information too great?


    Wednesday 26th February

    Session 3:   11am – 12.30pm


    Social Media & PR

    What are the most important social media and PR trends in 2020? 



    • 11am – Maximising your PR opportunities

    Ciara Jordan, Account Director, Fuzion Communications


    • 11.30am – The impact of technology on social media

    Jeff Sheridan, Director, Matrix Internet


    • 11.40am – 20 tips to increase revenue and improve the marketing of your property

    Andy Bassett, Director, Accubook – Guest Diary


    • 12pm – Growing your Social Media Footprint

    Samantha Kelly, Social Media Strategist 


    12.30pm – Panel Discussion

    Chaired by Fergal O’Connor, CEO, Buy Media


    Protecting your brand is key when growing your social media footprint and our leading industry experts; Ciara Jordan, Jeff Sheridan, Andy Bassett & Samantha Kelly will discuss the pitfalls to avoid and share their tips and tricks on best practice. 


    Session 4: 2pm – 4pm


    Technology and Revenue


    This session with detail how to use the latest advances in technology to improve bottom-line performance. Areas to be explored include enhancing guest experiences, operating cost savings, building direct bookings, increasing revenue, upselling services, maximising staff efficiency and driving guest engagement. 



    • 2pm – Overview of what is coming down the tracks

    Ciaran Rowe, Head of Product Development and Digital Marketing, Bookassist


    • 2.30pm – Impact of self-service kiosks on staffing levels and roles

    Conor McCarthy, Founder, Flipdish


    • 3pm – Increase revenue through innovative technology

    William Barry, Manager, ResDiary


    3.30pm – Panel Discussion

    The panel members will share their knowledge and expertise on using technology to improve bottom-line performance and answer questions. 

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    Technology App Development Wireless E-commerce

    Eligible Exhibits

    • Guest Room Technology
    • Reservation Systems
    • Mobile App Development
    • Online Advertising
    • Online Booking Services
    • Online Payment and Data Security
    • Online Review Sites
    • POS Systems
    • Reservation Systems
    • Room Access Systems
    • Social Media Specialists
    • Stock Control Systems
    • Website Design
    • Wi-Fi & Entertainment Systems
    • Wireless Ordering Systems

    Technology Summit

    The Technology Summit will be located on the left side of the Hall and will provide supplier and hospitality industry decision makers with an opportunity to discuss the latest developments affecting the industry.

    For more information contact:

    Kevin Grace
    Sales & Operations Manager

    Hospitality & Fit Out Expo
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    Email: Kevin@sbpevents.ie

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